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Şirketimiz faaliyetine 2013 yılında 900 m² alanda başlamış olup şu anda 1900 m² lik bir alanda saç parça şekillendirme ve işleme konusunda sürekli kendini geliştirerek nitelikli kadrosu ve sürdürülebilir büyümesi ile sektöre ve ekonomiye emin adımlar ile katkı sağlamaya devam etmektedir.

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About Us

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Our company started its activities in 2013 in an area of 900 m² and now it continues to contribute to the sector and economy with its qualified staff and sustainable growth by constantly improving itself in the field of sheet metal forming and processing in an area of 2500 m².

Our Vision

To be an exemplary company with its expert and competitive approach in metal forming.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce quality products and services in the automotive sub-industry by using all kinds of resources efficiently with our knowledge and experience;

  • To ensure unconditional customer satisfaction,
  • To realize the expectations of society, environment and stakeholders.



Our company started industrial activities in sheet metal forming and processing in 2012.

Our industrial production area was increased to 2500 square meters and the 1st stage press park investment was realized.


2nd stage press park investment was realized

The closed production area was increased to 1200 m2.


The 3rd stage press park investment was made. Annual capacity was increased by 25% with the investment made.

1st stage mold machine investment was made. (KRAFT VM3018A)


Molding machine park installation is over.